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easier - frequency rank

(adj) easy - posing no difficulty
(adj) easy - not hurried or forced
(adj) easy - free from worry or anxiety
(adj) easy - affording pleasure
(adj) easy - having little impact
(adj) easy - in fortunate circumstances financially
(adj) easy - not harsh
(adj) easy - readily exploited or tricked
(adj) easy - marked by moderate steepness
(adj) easy - performing adroitly and without effort
(adj) easy - not strict
(adj) easy - affording comfort
(adj) easy - casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
(adj) easy - (economics) less in demand and therefore readily obtainable
(adj) easy - (economics) plentiful and therefore at low interest rates
(adv) easy - with ease
(adv) easy - without speed
(adv) easy - (informal) in a relaxed manner
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