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deeper - frequency rank

(adj) deep - relatively deep or strong
(adj) deep - marked by depth of thinking
(adj) deep - having great spatial extension or penetration
(adj) deep - very distant in time or space
(adj) deep - extreme
(adj) deep - having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range
(adj) deep - strong
(adj) deep - relatively thick from top to bottom
(adj) deep - extending relatively far inward
(adj) deep - (of darkness) very intense
(adj) deep - large in quantity or size
(adj) deep - with head or back bent low
(adj) deep - of an obscure nature
(adj) deep - difficult to penetrate
(adj) deep - exhibiting great cunning usually with secrecy
(adv) deep - to a great depth psychologically
(adv) deep - to a great depth
(adv) deep - to an advanced time
(adv) deep - to far into space
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